Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 2023 Model


Key Features:
– -3 weight drop
– 2 5/8” Barrel diameter
– 2-Piece Hybrid design with an enhanced alloy barrel and an ultra-stiff composite handle
– Katana2X Alloy Barrel made of premium ultra-light alloy
– Patented Pommel Precision Knob for a professional-style grip
– Tsuka Warrior’s Grip: ultra-thin synthetic leather for ultimate control
– Aerophite Cap: feather-lite composite material for added durability and enhanced swing speeds
– ‘Speed Loaded’ Two-Piece construction designed for speed without compromising power
– BBCOR Certified

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Introducing the Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 2023 Model! This new bat is made to take on the toughest pitchers in the game. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

– The Bonesaber Hybrid features a Katana2X Alloy Barrel made from Warstic’s top-quality, super-light alloy. Its double taper design with a thinner handle boosts swing speed and improves feel, while maximizing the bat’s sweet spot.
– The connection joint on the Bonesaber Hybrid adds extra power with more flexibility and less vibration in the hands.
– Though slightly more end-loaded than the one-piece Bonesaber, this bat is still well-balanced, offering superior swing speed at the plate.
– With Warstic’s patented Pommel Precision Knob and two-piece construction, the Bonesaber Hybrid offers unmatched comfort and control for the player.
– This bat was crafted with all players in mind, suitable for both contact and power hitters alike.



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