One Handed Trainer WSOHT Birch Wood Bat

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Introducing the newly re-engineered Warstic One Handed Trainer, a birch adult wood bat designed to strengthen your top and bottom hands during hitting drills. Developed with the expertise of Ian Kinsler and other big league hitting coaches, this trainer is a must-have for any serious player looking to improve their hitting skills. The One Handed Trainer comes in a sleek matte black full dip stain with stylish silver engraving. Please note that custom engraving or customization is not available on this model. With a length of 25″, an approximate weight of -3oz., a barrel diameter of 2.35″, and a handle thickness of 0.94″, this trainer is perfectly balanced for optimal performance. In stock and ready to ship, the Warstic One Handed Trainer is your key to unlocking your full hitting potential.


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