Titleist SM10 Jet Black Wedge

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  1. Progressive CG Placements:
    • The placement of the center of gravity changes with each loft to provide a lower, more controlled flight path, a more solid feel, and more precise shot grouping.
  2. CG Positioning:
    • The center of gravity is raised and moved forward by making the top part of the club thicker, refining the cavity in the sole, and using longer hosel lengths.
  3. Spin Milled Grooves:
    • The grooves are precisely engineered and cut right to the edge to maximize spin and control over the shot.
  4. Groove Design:
    • Each groove is specifically cut based on the loft and finish of the club. Lower lofts (46°-54°) have narrower, deeper grooves, while higher lofts (56°-62°) have wider, shallower grooves.
  5. Micro-grooves:
    • Additional small grooves are cut between the main grooves to increase spin on partial shots.
  6. Heat Treatment:
    • A special heat treatment is used on the area where the club strikes the ball to double its durability without affecting the feel.
  7. Sole Grinds:
    • There are six different sole designs to match every swing type, ground condition, and shot-making style.
  8. Grind Types:
    • F Grind: Good for full shots with a straight clubface.
    • M Grind: Best for players who adjust the clubface angle for creative shots near the green.
    • S Grind: The full sole is shaped for a quicker swing through the grass.
    • D Grind: Offers a mix of versatility and forgiveness with high bounce.
    • K Grind: A wide sole ideal for softer sand and turf.
    • T Grind: Allows for maximum shot-making flexibility from various conditions.
  9. Stock Shaft and Grip:
    • Comes with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel shaft and a Tour Velvet 360 grip.


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