PING Men’s G425 MAX Driver

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  • A 26-gram weight that you can move around helps change how the ball flies, making it easier to hit straighter shots with PING’s most forgiving driver.
  • The face of the club is made in a special way that allows it to bend more when you hit the ball, giving you more speed and distance.
  • The club is made lighter by using advanced technology called Dragonfly, which also helps improve performance.
  • Little bumps on the club help it move through the air faster, making your swings quicker and the ball go farther by reducing air resistance.
  • Inside the club, there are special structures that make it feel and sound better when you hit the ball.
  • You can adjust the angle of the club’s head slightly to change how high or low your shots go.
  • The grip on the club is smart and can track information about your swings when used with a special app called Arccos Caddie.
  • The club comes with a headcover to protect it and a tool for making adjustments.
  • Different options are available for the shaft (the long part of the club) and the grip (the part you hold).


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