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1. Advanced Inverted Cone Technology:

  • Imagine the clubface like a trampoline. This tech makes the trampoline parts of the face even bouncier for faster ball speeds, even on off-center hits!

2. Ultra Low-CG Design:

  • Think of CG as the club’s balance point. This design lowers the balance point to make the club easier to hit the ground cleanly and get the ball flying high without losing distance. It’s like adding a tiny weight to the back of the clubhead.

3. 3D Carbon Crown:

  • The crown is the top part of the club. By using a special lightweight carbon material, they were able to make the crown lighter. This freed up weight to be put in the back of the club (like the CG weight), making the club more forgiving (easier to hit the ball straight) and playable (easier to control).


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