PING S159 Chrome Wedge

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– The club is made from high-quality carbon steel and has a square lead edge, which is good for full shots.
– The club’s design blends well with other Blueprint S and T irons.
– The grooves on the club face are carefully milled to different sizes depending on the loft of the club.
– Lower-lofted wedges have deeper grooves to hold the ball better, while higher-lofted wedges have closer-spaced grooves.
– There’s a soft insert behind the face of the club to give it a comfortable feel.
– The club comes with six different sole grind options to match how you swing and the type of ground you usually play on.
– Each grind option is designed for different playing styles and conditions, like steep angles of attack or bunker shots.
– The club comes with either a steel or graphite shaft and a special grip designed for wedges.


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