Rawlings Icon (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 2023 Model

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Introducing the cutting-edge 2023 Rawlings Icon (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat—a game-changer in baseball technology! This two-piece composite bat is engineered to deliver an exceptional feel and optimal flex, allowing hitters to swing with ease and precision. Rawlings has seamlessly integrated advanced technologies into this bat to enhance every aspect of your performance at the plate.

Key features of the 2023 Icon include the ZERO LOSS Energy Technology, a re-engineered locking joint that not only offers the most durable connection but also improves the bat’s stiffness by 15%. This technology ensures a smooth transition from handle to barrel, effectively eliminating any drag and enhancing your swing speed.

The barrel of the Icon is crafted using In/Tense Carbon Composite, which provides a fully engineered, seamless carbon construction. This allows for the largest possible barrel size while maintaining the necessary stiffness and trampoline effect where it matters most.

Additionally, the Icon boasts Tuned Balance Performance, giving the bat a slight end-load that enhances the overall feel and pop—every hitter’s dream. To top it off, the innovative ZERO LOSS Collar at the connection point between the handle and barrel minimizes drag and prevents vibration, ensuring a clean, powerful contact with the ball.

Elevate your game and experience the ultimate in bat technology with the Rawlings Icon (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat. It’s not just a bat, it’s your new ally in achieving peak performance on the field. Certified by BBCOR, this bat is ready to help you make your mark in the game.


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