Rawlings – Official Cal Ripken League Baseball – RCAL

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  • Tournament Grade Full-Grain Leather Cover: This premium leather offers outstanding durability to withstand the wear and tear of high-pressure games.
  • Cushioned Cork Center: Maintains a lively feel throughout the tournament, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Raised Seams: Provides enhanced grip and control, allowing pitchers to deliver pinpoint accuracy and batters to unleash powerful swings.

Cal Ripken Division Approved:

This baseball meets the specifications specifically for Cal Ripken Division Tournaments, ensuring a legal and competitive edge for your team.

Sold in Dozens Only:

Please note that this baseball is sold in quantities of 1 dozen (12 balls).

The Wilson A1030 baseball is a great choice for:

  • Cal Ripken Division Tournament play
  • Teams seeking a high-quality, durable game ball
  • Players who demand exceptional performance


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