Pro V1x 2023 Personalized Golf Balls

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Ideal for golfers seeking a low-flying, low-spinning ball with a very soft feel and excellent greenside control.

Key Features:

  • High-Gradient, High-Speed Core: Delivers an incredibly soft feel and longer distance from tee to green.
  • Thin, High-Flex Casing Layer: Reduces spin on long game shots for better control.
  • 346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid Catenary Dimple Design: Promotes a more piercing ball flight.
  • Softer Urethane Cover: Enhances greenside spin and provides a softer feel for excellent short game control.


  • Longer Distance: Achieve longer shots from tee to green.
  • Improved Greenside Control: Experience increased spin and control around the greens.
  • Softer Feel: Enjoy a very soft feel on every shot.
  • Lower Spin on Long Game Shots: Benefit from reduced spin for more accurate long shots.


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