Molten Basketball BG4500


The Molten BG-Series is the official basketball of FIBA, featuring a FIBA Approved 12-panel construction for optimal shape retention and true bounce. With a sleek 2-tone design and a composite cover, this basketball offers exceptional durability and enhanced visibility on the court.

The BG-Series introduces a new surface texture that provides the ideal grip, even in the presence of sweat or moisture, allowing for improved ball control and precise gameplay. The nylon-wound construction and butyl bladder ensure a soft, comfortable feel and consistent performance.

Designed for indoor use, the BG-Series is available in official size 7 (B7G4500) and intermediate size 6 (B6G4500), catering to players of various age groups and skill levels. Each basketball comes with a 1-year warranty, reflecting Molten’s commitment to quality and long-lasting performance.

As one of the world’s top basketball brands, Molten continues to innovate and create superior-quality basketballs. Experience the difference with the Molten BG-Series and elevate your game to new heights.


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