Basketball BQ1100 Series

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Hey there, basketball fans! We’ve got the perfect ball to help you play your best game ever – the Mikasa Competition!

We know how much you love playing basketball and how hard you work to get better. That’s why we made this ball just for you. It’s got a super special cover made from tiny fibers that make it feel amazing when you hold it.

The Mikasa Competition is the ball you want when you’re playing in a big game. It’s made for indoor basketball courts, so it’s perfect for your school gym or a cool indoor court.

The ball has wide channels, which are the lines you see on the outside. These help you grip the ball better, so you can dribble, pass, and shoot like a pro!

And guess what? If anything happens to your ball, don’t worry! It comes with a 2-year warranty, which means we’ll replace it for you if there are any problems.

  •  It’s the perfect ball for important games
  • The cover is made from really nice tiny fibers
  • It has wide channels to help you grip the ball better
  • It’s made for playing basketball inside on special floors
  •  If the ball breaks or has problems, we’ll give you a new one for 2 years!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Mikasa Competition and show everyone what you can do on the basketball court!


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