Field Hockey Stick Blue Outdoor

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Introducing the Blue Multi Curve Hockey Stick by FHS, one of the most sought-after sticks for the 2020 season. This stick is designed for talented, up-and-coming players looking to make their mark on the field. The FHS logo is a huge standout, making this stick instantly recognizable among players worldwide.

The Blue Multi Curve Hockey Stick features an oval shaft, providing players with a much firmer grip and enhanced control. This innovative design allows for improved handling and precision, giving you the confidence to execute your skills flawlessly.

The stick’s hook boasts a thin end, which is specifically designed to help players elevate their dribbling abilities. This feature enables you to maintain close control of the ball, even in high-pressure situations.

As a bonus, your purchase of the Blue Multi Curve Hockey Stick includes a free hockey stick bag, making it convenient to transport and protect your new stick.

The Blue Multi Curve Hockey Stick is available in three sizes: 36.5” Inch, 37.5” Inch, and 38” Inch, catering to players of various heights and preferences.

Elevate your game with the Blue Multi Curve Hockey Stick by FHS and experience the perfect combination of style, control, and performance. Join the ranks of talented players worldwide who have made this stick their go-to choice for the 2020 season.


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