Warrior Ritual V2 Pro Senior Goalie Stick

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Introduction & Upgrades

The Warrior Ritual V2 Pro SR Composite Goalie Stick builds upon the success of its predecessor, the V1 Pro, by offering improvements in both lightweight design and durability. The V2 Pro incorporates Minimus Carbon 12, along with SlideGrip technology and VibexLite-Vibration Reduction. The addition of an Impact Fiber layer enhances shaft resilience, while the HiFused Construction ensures a lightweight and balanced feel.

Shaft Design

The Warrior V2 Pro retains its sturdy and high-quality shaft, utilizing Carbon Minimus 12 for enhanced strength and performance. The inclusion of the Impact Fiber layer reinforces durability and maintains optimal performance. VibexLite technology minimizes vibrations from shots, providing stability and safety for your hand during gameplay. Furthermore, the HiFused Construction contributes to the stick’s lightweight and well-balanced design.


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