CALLAWAY Supersoft 2023 Personalized Golf Balls

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Supersoft remains one of golf’s most sought-after balls, prized for its remarkable combination of long, straight distance and incredibly soft feel. Callaway has elevated its performance even further by enhancing the cover, core, and construction technologies.

Callaway’s HyperElastic SoftFast Core is designed to boost ball speed, particularly off the driver, while maintaining a soft feel with irons and around the green. The multi-material construction and dynamic Hybrid Cover contribute to long distance, exceptional spin, and precise short game control. The newly engineered softer cover system also enhances greenside spin. With these improvements, the Supersoft ball offers enhanced performance across the entire bag.

  • Enhanced Ball Speed with a Soft Feel: The HyperElastic SoftFast Core from Callaway ensures faster speed while preserving a soft feel around the green.
  • Superior Feel, Control, and Spin with Long Distance from the Hybrid Cover: Our innovative Hybrid Cover technology provides greater control with wedges while maximizing distance, delivering a very soft feel and increased durability


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