Bauer RE-AKT 95 Hockey Helmet / Cage Combo

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The Bauer RE-AKT 95 Hockey Helmet / Cage Combo combines the best features of the IMS 9.0 and IMS 11.0 helmets. Featuring the Profile III cage for improved vision and maximum protection, this combo is suitable for players of all levels seeking comprehensive head and face coverage.


The RE-AKT 95 helmet integrates four cutting-edge foam technologies by Bauer, each serving a specific purpose. The VTX foam liner, identified by its blue graphics, is 31% lighter and 18% better at absorbing impacts than traditional EPP foam. Positioned at the base of the helmet, it provides superior protection. The XRD dual layer temple pads offer both comfort and high-impact protection, ideal for intense play. Additionally, the SUSPEND-TECH Liner system allows for slight movement during impacts, reducing twisting forces and enhancing comfort. This soft foam liner features moisture channels to promote cooling and sweat evaporation.

The RE-AKT 95 helmet also boasts a tool-free adjustment system and a new occipital locking device for easy customization and secure fit. The adjustment switch, located on the top of the helmet, offers convenient access, while the occipital foam padding lock at the rear base adjusts to your specific head shape.


The Profile III cage combines a redesigned classic style with improved vision. Featuring a flattened stainless steel oval wire frame, it fits on all Bauer masks and most others. The dual density chin cup provides protection and comfort, floating independently of the cage to ensure a snug fit. Moisture channels in the chin cup keep you dry and comfortable while allowing sweat to drain away.

– SUSPEND-TECH NG Liner system
– XRD and Molded memory foam with VTX technology
– Central tool-free adjustment with height-adjusting occipital lock
– CSA, HECC, CE certified
– Oval stainless steel wire design offers better visibility
– Moisture channels in chin cup keep you dry
– Floating chin cup moves with your face


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