Wilson WTF1826XB Duke Metallic Edition OS FB Gold

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Practice like the pros with the Wilson Duke Metallic Edition football. This eye-catching ball takes the iconic “Duke” design and elevates it with a stunning metallic gold finish.

More Than Just Looks:

While it shines on the field, the Duke Metallic Edition isn’t just about aesthetics. It features a high-performance composite cover that delivers a superior grip thanks to its tacky feel. The pebbled metallic laces further enhance grip, ensuring confident throws and catches during practice or recreational play.

Built to Last:

The Duke Metallic Edition boasts a butyl rubber bladder for exceptional air retention, keeping your ball inflated and game-ready. Multi-layered lining ensures consistent shape and durability, so you can enjoy this premium football for years to come.

Here’s why the Wilson Duke Metallic Edition is a great choice:

  • Metallic gold finish for a unique look
  • High-performance composite cover for superior grip
  • Pebbled metallic laces for enhanced control
  • Butyl rubber bladder for long-lasting air retention
  • Multi-layered lining for consistent shape and durability


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