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Listen up, soccer enthusiasts! It’s time to celebrate a huge milestone in US soccer history with a ball that’s just as epic as the occasion.

Introducing the adidas Competition ball, a top-notch match ball that’s here to commemorate 30 years of the most prestigious soccer event in the USA – the MLS (Major League Soccer)! This ball is more than just a pretty face; it’s got the skills to back it up on the field.

First off, the design is straight-up cool. It takes inspiration from the official match ball used in the MLS, so you know it’s legit. But adidas didn’t just stop at looks – they made sure this ball is built to perform at the highest level.

The ball is put together using a special thermal bonding process, which means there are no seams! That’s right, the surface is totally smooth, so you can expect a consistent touch and accurate shots every time you play.

But what really sets this ball apart is what’s inside. It’s got a butyl bladder, which is like a super resilient balloon that keeps the ball’s shape and bounce just right, no matter how hard you kick it. This bladder is designed to withstand the toughest matches and keep on delivering top performance.

  • This ball celebrates 30 years of the biggest soccer event in the USA – the MLS!
  • The design is inspired by the official MLS match ball, so it looks and feels authentic.
  • The seamless construction uses thermal bonding for a smooth, consistent surface.
  • Inside, there’s a tough butyl bladder that keeps the ball’s shape and bounce perfect.

So, whether you’re playing in a big tournament or just having a kickaround with friends, the adidas Competition ball is the perfect choice to elevate your game. Celebrate 30 years of US soccer history and show off your skills with this high-performance match ball!


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