Fairtex Curved Kick Small Thai Pads

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Elevate your training sessions to professional levels with the compact Fairtex Pro Curved Kick Pads. Crafted from premium cowhide leather and featuring a curved shape with padded Velcro closure, these Thai pads are available in a sleek black/white color combination.

Designed to enhance your striking accuracy and power with minimal effort, these pads are lighter and have softer padding compared to standard versions, reducing strain on your hands and minimizing impact. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit on the trainer’s forearm, while the smaller size allows for practicing realistic combinations. The soft padding across the top enables trainers to safely execute hooks and jabs.

Even on initial use, the Fairtex Pro Curved Kick Thai pads maintain their softness and flexibility, making them an ideal choice for training sessions with beginners and children.


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