CCM Super Tacks AS-V Pro Intermediate Hockey Stick

Original price was: $229.95.Current price is: $220.95.


  • The game of hockey is getting faster and faster.
  • Your hockey stick needs to be able to keep up with the faster game.
  • CCM has changed their Tacks line of sticks to make them better for the faster game.
  • The Tacks sticks now have a new “modern mid kick point.”
  • This new kick point is made to help you take better wrist shots.
  • The Tacks sticks, like the AS-V Pro, have always been good for taking strong slap shots.
  • But now with the new modern mid kick point, you can also take wrist shots with:
    • Just as much power
    • Just as much speed
    • Just as much consistency (the shots will be the same each time)


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