BGRX Premium Rubber Basketball – Black/Silver

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Looking for the perfect basketball for aspiring young players or casual games? Look no further than the Molten BGR Premium Rubber Basketball. This versatile ball is ideal for youth camps, recreational play, and honing those basketball skills.

Built for Fun and Learning:

  • Durable Rubber Cover: The premium rubber cover can handle the bumps and bruises of both indoor and outdoor courts, ensuring long-lasting performance for those learning moments and friendly competitions.
  • 12-Panel Design: This classic design provides a familiar feel for young players, making it easier to learn proper handling and shooting techniques.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The distinct design helps players track the ball’s movement more easily, allowing them to focus on their game and improve their reaction time.

Perfect for Every Occasion:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Whether it’s on the court or the driveway, the BGR can handle any playing surface.
  • Great for Youth Camps and Recreation: This ball is the ideal choice for introducing young players to the sport or for casual pick-up games with friends.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Molten offers a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

The Molten BGR Basketball is a great choice for:

  • Youth camps and recreational play
  • Players of all ages and skill levels (especially beginners)
  • Indoor and outdoor use


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