Babolat Pure Drive 98 X2 Tennis Racquets


The Babolat Pure Drive 98 Tennis Racquet (x2) continues the legacy of the Pure Drive VS with a new focus. Mirroring the cosmetic design of other Pure Drive models, this racquet shifts slightly more towards control compared to the standard Pure Drive. It is a bit heavier at 10.8 ounces unstrung and features a smaller 98 square-inch head compared to the Pure Drive’s 100. Despite its firmer flex, Babolat enhances comfort with SWX Pure Feel, which incorporates SMAC technology extensively within the frame’s shaft. The HTR system updates the racquet’s composition, optimizing it to convert rapid swings into powerful shots. Additionally, the reintroduced FSI Power technology with improved diamond-shaped grommets enhances power and enlarges the sweet spot. The Pure Drive 98 suits advanced players who favor an all-court game, offering a feel similar to the Pure Drive 100 but with added precision and control.

This set includes a matched pair of Pure Drive 98 racquets, with Babolat ensuring a maximum weight difference of only 1 gram.


  • Crisp and powerful performance akin to the Pure Drive, but with enhanced control.
  • A thinner cross-section for better maneuverability at the net.
  • The 10.8 ounce weight provides notable stability.


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