Adidas Dime Official Football

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If you want to make great plays and score touchdowns, this football is perfect for you. It’s ready for any game you want to play.

  • The football is made of 100% leather on the outside. This makes it soft and comfortable to hold and throw.
  • Inside, it has a rubber bladder. This is the part that holds the air.
  • The football is hand stitched. This means someone sewed it together by hand, not a machine. This makes it extra strong and long-lasting. You can play with it all day.
  • It is the official size for a football. This means it’s the right size for playing real games.

So if you want a football that feels good to throw, lasts a long time, and is the right size for playing, this is the perfect ball for you. Get ready to make some amazing passes and score some touchdowns!


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