Reasons to Invest in Liteboxer Fitness Bundle


What if I tell you that you can workout from the comfort of your home and that too as effectively as it would be in the gym? With the Liteboxer fitness set, you can achieve this easily. Liteboxer bundle is an innovative new method of exercising which combines the comfort of home workouts, and glamor of dressing up in stylish exercise gear.

This bundle gives you everything required for a workout, including resistance bands, weights, trainer, so on and so  forth. It is pretty affordable which means one does not have to pay a fortune in order to be fit and healthy. Let’s see what this amazing Fitness Set is and the reasons why you should get one for yourself!

What is a Liteboxer Bundle?

Lightbox is a home-fitness bundle that combines two full-body, low-impact cardio exercises: boxing and light-resistance exercise. It features a single Lightboxer machine alongside two sets of light resistance bands and a pair of punching gloves.

To complement daily workout, one should consider wearing custom made BJJ Rash guards or shorts, designed for comfort and mobility during intense exercise sessions.

The subscribers can carry out different boxing and resistance training, involving punches like jabs, uppercuts and squats. This bundle includes a punching bag and workout app. It can be used for home workouts, or as equipment for boxing exercises.

Why Liteboxer Set? It offers many training sessions and punching stunts that help you track your progress while sending quotations to friends and family.

How to use a Liteboxer Bundle?

To enjoy the Liteboxer bundle, you will require a VR-compatible headset such as an Oculus Quest. You must follow the set-up and usage guidelines included in the Liteboxer package.

  • Put on the virtual reality headset and follow the prompts for starting the virtual reality boxing experience.
  • Lightweight gloves with built-in sensors are also  included in the bundle. These gloves enable interaction with the virtual reality world, where one fights against virtual enemies. There are sensors on gloves that monitor your actions while providing you with the feedback on your progress made during workout.

Using the fitness bundle to exercise requires following all the instructions given with the equipment as well as the use of your common sense. For instance, you must put on the gloves and the head set properly and also ensure enough space around you to move well. Additionally, you need to have breaks when necessary and listen to your body so that it does not strain too much.

Why Should you Invest in a Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

1.      Maximum Your Exercise Efficiency with Liteboxer Fitness Set

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle gives you an excellent kick start and ensures that you gain from every exercise session you engage in. It contains the HR monitor, a resistance band, and a jump rope.

  • The monitor measures your heart rate that lets you know where you stand and how you are doing.
  • Working out at home or outdoors is made a lot easier with the lightweight resistance band.
  • The jump rope is an effective way of increasing a beginner’s cardio endurance or helping the users with overall fitness.

Thus, if you are thinking of an affordable way of exercising and improving your body health, the Liteboxer Bundle is an option worth considering.

2.      Simple to Use

The Liteboxer kit is a good option if you need a simple fitness set with many programs and tools.

The package contains:

  • An application called “Liteboxer”, which monitors your progress and sets some targets.
  • A Flexible resistance band, which tracks your steps automatically.
  • An E-book known as Tone & Trim Weight Loss System that gives you tips on how to shed off weight.

In fact, the best thing about this is that you get the whole bundle at a minimal price if you purchase it as one package. So, if you are willing to change your lifestyle and go for your fitness dream, Liteboxer Fitness Bundle provides a good place to start.

3.      Budget-Friendly Price

The liteboxer fitness set is perfect for people seeking an entire health kit that will work on your budget but also delivers on results.

Items included in this package are:

  • A treadmill
  • An elliptical trainer
  • Resistance bands
  • A weight bench

Along with this, a DVD will be provided that will guide you on the usage of each equipment appropriately. This equipment can be set up in one place. You will get your desired results very quickly because the Liteboxer Fitness Kit is easy to install and use.

4.     Core Gear for All-Round Fitness

The fitness bundle is a must-have set of equipment in any workout session. It comes with a DVD, Workout Guide as well as a T-shirt.  The DVD explains to the viewers what they need to do to enjoy an effective workout using the Liteboxer.

The Workout Guide consists of a series of steps in performing different exercises. The t-shirt is designed for those who wish to show their support for a healthy lifestyle.

Get Your Fitness Set Today!

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