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Nicole Wallace

Nicole Wallace is an acclaimed Spanish actress and singer who has achieved widespread acclaim for her impressive performances across television and film platforms. Born March 22, 2002 in Madrid, Spain. Nicole quickly rose to prominence through her outstanding acting skills and captivating screen presence. We will explore Nicole Wallace’s impressive resume here as we delve into her early life and achievements.

Early Life

  • Nicole Wallace was raised by both Spanish and American parents in Madrid, an abundant city with rich cultural diversity. From an early age she showed an aptitude for art; initially receiving training on playing viola and piano before also taking singing lessons as a child. With such an early foundation in music she quickly grew to appreciate different art forms as she took up acting roles herself.
  • Nicole spent eight years training in modern dance – another testament to her artistic side. Additionally, Chloe, who works in film as director, writer, and photographer was instrumental in shaping Nicole’s understanding of film and entertainment industries.

Breakthrough Role and Television Success

  • Nicole launched her career into high gear when she landed her breakthrough role of Nora Grace in Movistar+’s popular teen drama Skam Espana in 2018.
  • The Spanish adaptation of its Norwegian predecessor has gained incredible success since its premiere, with Nora Grace drawing rave reviews across audiences around the world.
  • Nicole’s exceptional performance as Nora grace earned critical acclaim and recognition, marking an exciting step toward future success within the industry.


  • After her breakthrough role, Nicole quickly received notice from publications like SModa, Glamour and Vogue for her talent and quickly established herself as an emerging star of the entertainment industry. Building upon this success, Nicole moved onto other acting projects showcasing her versatility as an actress.
  • In 2021, Nicole made her television drama series debut in Parot on TVE as Sun. This gripping thriller centers around an investigative police officer who must determine who murdered multiple inmates who are set for release from prison and Nicole’s performance showcased her acting prowess to audiences everywhere.
  • Nicole made waves with her portrayal of Noah in 2023 Prime Video romance movie My Fault. Inspired by Mercedes Ron’s popular Wattpad novel series Culpables, My Fault explores an unintended romance between Noah and Nick – who is involved with street racing – in My Fault. Nicole received much acclaim for her acting abilities on screen alongside Gabriel Guevara who co-starred.

Future Projects

  • Nicole Wallace’s filmography attests to her versatility and dedication as an actress. Beyond television roles, she has also appeared in short films and made an impactful mark in the industry – most notably appearing as Vera in 2023 film Vera.
  • Nicole Wallace’s impressive talent and commitment to her art are making waves in the entertainment world, already garnering her an avid following at 21. As Nicole continues taking on increasingly difficult roles, audiences anticipate watching her further develop as a versatile Spanish actress and singer.

Recognition and Achievements

  • Nicole Wallace’s talent and devotion have not gone unnoticed in the industry. Her performances, with their depthful portrayals of Nora Grace from Skam Espana, won the prestigious FesTVal de Vitoria “Cima TV” award; this accolade praised its promotion of feminist themes among young audiences.
  • Nicole Wallace has quickly established herself as a versatile and sought-after actress through her performances in Parot and My Fault, with both critics and audiences hailing her ability to portray complex, emotionally nuanced characters with ease. Nicole Wallace will undoubtedly be an actress to watch over time.

Personal Life

Nicole Wallace has achieved great success professionally, yet prefers to keep her personal life private. Little is known about her relationships or personal pursuits outside her professional accomplishments; yet her impact on both industry peers and young fans cannot be overstated – her roles and public appearances serve as a powerful example for aspiring actors and artists who show that hard work, talent and dedication can result in extraordinary achievements at such a young age.

Nicole Wallace Boyfriend

  • Rumors have circulated that Wallace may be dating Gabriel Guevara, her co-star from Skam Espana and My Fault. Their on-screen chemistry and close off-screen relationship has aroused much speculation among fans and the media alike; but these remain as mere speculations without official confirmation from either party.

nicolle wallace boyfriend

  • Nicole addressed her romantic life during an interview with Gala magazine but preferred to remain discreet. She stressed her dedication to her career while wanting to keep her private life out of the spotlight; something which is not uncommon within the entertainment industry where intense media scrutiny often adds unnecessary stress.


Nicole Wallace’s rise in Spanish entertainment is testament to her immense talent and hard work. From her breakthrough role in Skam Espana to captivating performances in Parot and My Fault, Nicole has demonstrated her ability to bring characters alive on screen. With such an exciting future ahead, fans eagerly anticipate Nicole’s next projects and further development as an actress/singer in Spain.

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