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Janet Condra, a name often whispered in the background of Larry Bird’s illustrious career, holds her own unique story. While her connection to the basketball legend has placed her in the spotlight, there is more to Janet than meets the eye. This essay will delve into her life, providing insights and unknown facts that have remained hidden from the public eye.

Early Life: The Mystery of Her Birthdate

Janet Condra’s birthdate remains shrouded in mystery. While we know she was born in the 1960s, the exact date eludes us. This deliberate omission adds a layer of intrigue to her persona, allowing her to maintain a level of privacy rarely found in the age of information.

A Woman of Privacy in a World of Fame

In an era when celebrity lives are often on full display, Janet Condra has chosen a different path. Despite her association with Larry Bird, one of the most celebrated figures in basketball history, she has managed to keep a low-key profile. Her absence from the realm of social media is a testament to her commitment to maintaining a private life.

The Power of Corrie’s Determination

Janet Condra’s daughter, Corrie Bird, played a pivotal role in reshaping the dynamics of her family. Despite the strained relationship between her parents, Corrie remained determined to establish a meaningful connection with her father, Larry Bird. Her relentless efforts eventually paid off, leading to a heartwarming reunion that transcended years of estrangement.

Speculating on Janet’s Financial Security

While the details of Janet Condra’s financial situation remain undisclosed, it is plausible that she received a substantial divorce settlement following her separation from Larry Bird. Being the ex-wife of a successful NBA star likely contributed to her financial stability, allowing her to provide for her daughter, Corrie.

The Strength of a Single Mother

Janet Condra’s journey as a single mother is a testament to her strength and resilience. Raising her daughter, Corrie, independently showcases her determination to provide a stable and nurturing environment. Her ability to navigate the challenges of single parenthood while maintaining her privacy reflects her inner fortitude.

Marriage to Larry Bird

Janet Condra’s marriage to Larry Bird was a significant chapter in her life. The two first crossed paths during their time at Springs Valley High School in French Lick, Indiana. Their relationship blossomed from being classmates to childhood sweethearts. On November 8, 1975, they officially tied the knot, marking the beginning of their journey as a married couple.

However, their marriage was relatively short-lived, enduring for less than a year. The couple faced personal disagreements and challenges that led to their separation in 1976. Despite the brevity of their union, Janet and Larry welcomed a daughter, Corrie Bird, into the world on August 14, 1977, in Brazil, Indiana, USA.

After their divorce, Janet and Larry Bird went their separate ways, with Janet taking on the role of a single mother. The strained relationship between the ex-couple resulted in Larry being estranged from his daughter, Corrie, for a significant period.

Janet Condra’s Career

Janet Condra’s career remains largely undisclosed in the public domain. While Larry Bird’s professional achievements in basketball and later as a coach and NBA executive are widely documented, Janet has chosen to keep her professional life private.

It’s important to note that her association with Larry Bird may have allowed her financial stability, given his status as a successful NBA star. However, specific details about her career, employment, or business ventures are not available in the public domain.

Janet’s decision to maintain a low-key public profile may have contributed to the limited information about her career. Her primary focus has appeared to be her daughter, Corrie, and preserving her privacy.

Unknown Facts

Fact #Unknown Fact
1Janet Condra’s elusive birthdate adds to her enigma.
2Despite fame, she chooses to maintain a private life.
3Corrie Bird’s determination led to her reunion with Larry.
4Janet may have received a substantial divorce settlement.
5Janet Condra’s role as a single mother showcases her strength.


In the world of celebrity, where fame often overshadows the individual behind the spotlight, Janet Condra emerges as a figure who defies convention. Her undisclosed birthdate, commitment to privacy, and the power of her daughter’s determination all contribute to her enigmatic persona. While she may forever be known as Larry Bird’s ex-wife, Janet’s unique journey and unwavering strength deserve recognition in their own right.

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