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Gabriel Guevara Mourreau, an immensely talented Spanish-French actor and model born February 6, 2001 in Madrid Spain has quickly made waves in the entertainment world. Gabriel has delighted audiences with his outstanding performances and modeling prowess. In this article we’ll examine Gabriel’s career achievements and lesser known facts to illuminate his path to success.

Early Life and Background

Gabriel was raised in Madrid, Spain by his mother Marlene Mourreau – an accomplished French vedette, model, actress and television presenter – and father Michel Guevara, an internationally acclaimed dancer. Surrounded by art at home, he found his creative interests blossoming quickly at an early age; participating in advertising campaigns and landing small acting roles as extras were among his first steps on this creative path.

Acting Career

  • Gabriel began his acting career with an impressive debut performance as Cristian Miralles Haro on Skam Espana’s inaugural season in 2018. Skam is a Norwegian teen drama series that follows teens as they navigate life. Gabriel quickly garnered widespread praise as his portrayal of Cristian earned him twelve episodes across seasons 1 and 2. Garnering critical acclaim and garnering him twelve appearances over both seasons 1 and 2.
  • Gabriel soon found himself transitioning into cinema, appearing as Manuel in Amanda Kernell’s 2018 movie Charter and impressing audiences worldwide with his extraordinary performance. Since then, his success in cinematic medium has expanded further – Gabriel will star as Cristofer on Senoras del (h)AMPA TV show and Dario Carvajal Aguirre in HIT series as rising talents.

Diverse Roles and Current Projects

  • Gabriel has demonstrated an ability to adapt his roles and genres across different roles and genres. From choreographer Nacho Duato in Paramount+’s Bose original series in 2022 to playing young Charly in Tomorrow is Today. An Amazon Prime Video movie produced for that platform that year – two impressive feats of versatility as an actor!
  • Gabriel has continued his collaboration with Skam Espana’s team by appearing in two Netflix shows: You are Not Special (portrayed Asier) and How To Send Everything To Hell ( playing Fran). These roles showcase his acting versatility.
  • Gabriel has played one of his most prominent roles to date in 2023’s Prime Video romance movie My Fault on Amazon Prime Video, portraying Nick Leister. This movie revolves around street racing as well as an illicit romance between Nick and Noah (Nicole Wallace from Skam Espana) in their stepsister roles based on Mercedes Ron’s Wattpad novel series Culpables. My Fault garnered immense viewership figures on Amazon Prime Video that broke records.

Modeling Career and Achievements

Gabriel has also established himself in the modeling world. Beginning his modeling journey in May 2017 by posting modeling-related photos to Instagram. His unique look and undeniable talent caught Uno Model Agency’s eye and they offered representation. Since joining, his affiliation has opened doors for numerous opportunities and brand collaborations.

Gabriel Guevara Girlfriend

As of now, no official information regarding Gabriel Guevara’s current romantic life or relationship status is available. Gabriel has remained discreet about his romantic affairs. Yet speculations persist about him possibly dating actress Nicole Wallace; yet no confirmation or denial have been provided from Gabriel to address these rumors.

gabriel guevara girlfriend

Gabriel recently stated in an interview: that he had recently come out of an unpleasant romantic relationship, and does not intend on entering it again soon. Instead, his focus lies with personal growth and meeting new people. No details regarding Gabriel’s ex-partner have been shared publicly as Gabriel prefers keeping such matters private.

Gabriel has maintained an air of privacy with regards to his romantic life, leaving fans without access to much information regarding past relationships that may or may not have existed. While rumors may circulate, no hard evidence can support or refute them.

Gabriel Guevara Networth

As of 2023, Gabriel Guevara had amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. Gabriel has amassed his fortune through successful acting and modeling careers; these activities account for much of his income. Gabriel has amassed much of this fortune through film appearances as well as modeling endeavors. These endeavors contributed significantly to Gabriel’s wealth accumulation allowing him to establish himself as a prominent figure within the entertainment industry.

Gabriel Guevara: Lesser-Known Facts

  • Gabriel began acting and modeling at age 17 – both career endeavors coming from within an established Christian family with strong religious convictions.
  • Furthermore, his educational background attests to his intellectual curiosity and dedication towards personal growth.
  • Gabriel has an intimate bond with both of his parents. As evidenced by an Instagram post in which he expressed thanks for their support and inspiration throughout his life.
  • Additionally, in Italy he worked alongside them on their opera production entitled Elixir de amor.
  • Gabriel has become known as an endorser and promoter for various brands and products, further expanding his influence and expanding his reach.


Gabriel Guevara Mourreau has established himself as a multi-talented individual with an immense amount of talent in the entertainment industry. Through his exceptional acting and modeling prowess, he has established himself in Spanish television shows, films, fashion world and beyond.

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