Amber Heard: A New Life in Spain, Yet Hollywood Bound

Amber Heard: A New Life in Spain, Yet Hollywood Bound

Heard denies Rumors of Her Leaving Hollywood

Amber Heard has disproved speculations of her leaving Hollywood due to her recent relocation to Spain. The “Aquaman” actress confirmed she is living there but pledged to pursue acting career; dispelling rumours of leaving Hollywood scene altogether. In a video posted online recently she expressed her thoughts and plans regarding living abroad and future career plans in Spain.

Madrid: Home Away From Home

Amber is currently making Madrid her new home and expressed her affection for it during an interaction with media, telling them, “I love Spain so much” with an accent characteristic of Spain. Following up on inquiries from followers asking if Spain will become her permanent address, Amber enthusiastically answered yes; saying she wanted to remain. When asked by media if Spain will remain her permanent place of residence she responded stating: “Yes I hope so; yes yes yes I love living here”.

Continued Acting Journey

Amber revealed she still had film projects underway when asked about her acting future, without providing more specifics than “Oh yes”. To end our conversation Amber declared, “I move, that’s life” to emphasize her philosophy of continual movement and adaptability.

Reactions from Fans on Heard’s Departure

After Amber Heard relocated in September 2022, fans shared their opinions on her new life in Spain. Although the details behind her move remain undisclosed, her happiness with the decision is apparent. One fan sent their well wishes for Amber and her daughter; one said it “shouldn’t just be about her anymore…her daughter deserves better!” Another expressed their sentiment by commenting “Happy she moved because it shows she doesn’t wish to stay where things went so wrong forever!”

Publicized Defamation Case and its Outcome

Amber’s relocation comes following her highly publicized defamation case against actor Johnny Depp in 2022, whereby the court awarded compensatory damages of $10 Million and punitive damages of an additional $350k against Depp for writing an op-ed piece that defamed him in The Washington Post in 2018.

Road Ahead: New Projects Are on the Horizon

Amber Heard remains active in two films that are in post-production – “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” and “In the Fire”. As she transitions her new life in Spain, fans eagerly anticipate her next moves within Hollywood.

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