Australia Clinches Victory in Thrilling 2nd Ashes Test Match

Australia Clinches Victory in Thrilling 2nd Ashes Test Match

At Lord’s, tension was palpable as the second Ashes test match came down to the wire. England needed 371 runs to win, which produced one of the most dramatic finishes ever witnessed in Test cricket history. Australia managed to stay unbeaten as they managed to beat England by 43 runs.

Overview Of 2nd Test Match

First Day

  • Australia made an impressive 339 runs on day 1, led by Steve Smith’s remarkable resilience and skill with an exceptional hundred run performance that set the tone of this match-up.

Second Day

  • Although England displayed impressive batting performances, they failed to take control of the match by falling prey to an expertly set trap and carelessly giving away wickets. Australia ended the day bowled out for 416.

Third Day

  • England’s opening innings was an eventful journey with many highs and lows before reaching 325 runs in their total innings total. Ben Duckett scored an outstanding 98 which provided much-needed impetus for their efforts.

Fourth Day

  • Australia was reeling under England’s relentless attack, but Usman Khawaja’s remarkable innings brought them back into contention, eventually scoring 279.

Fifth Day

  • England experienced both joy and pain on the final day, despite Ben Stokes’ heroic 155, as they fell short by 43 runs and gave Australia an edge they eventually used to seal victory.

Ben Stokes Is A Beacon of Hope

  • Ben Stokes stood tall amidst the wreckage, providing an inspiring demonstration of resilience with a knock of 155 that kept England’s hopes alive until their very last innings was played.

Australia Once Again Display Their Dominance

  • Australia once again displayed their superiority, led by Steve Smith and Mitchell Starc. Smith’s century in the first innings was instrumental to their victory, while Starc’s bowling proved decisive in dismantling England’s batting line-up.

Controversial Moment: Jonny Bairstow’s Dismissal

  • An important cricket match did not go without controversy. Jonny Bairstow’s unceremonious dismissal caused widespread outrage among spectators, adding to the drama of its final day.

Where the Series Stands Now

  • England currently trail Australia 2-0 and must quickly find ways to turn around their performance if they hope to stage a comeback. Three matches remain and it remains possible for England to make amends with three remaining victories against Australia.


Q: Who scored the most runs for England in the 2nd Ashes Test?

  • Ben Stokes scored the highest runs for England, making a commendable 155.

Q: What was the result of the second Ashes Test match?

  • Australia defeated England by 43 runs in the 2nd Ashes Test match.

Q: How many wickets did Mitchell Starc take during this match?

  • Mitchell Starc was the standout bowler, taking six wickets during the match.

Q: Who led Australia in scoring during their initial innings?

  • Steve Smith led Australia with 110 runs scored during their opening innings.

Q: How did Jonny Bairstow exit in the 2nd innings?

  • Jonny Bairstow was controversially dismissed after stepping outside his crease, thinking he was safe from a bouncer, leading to him receiving a stumping ball from umpire Ian Westley.


Australia emerged victorious over England despite their best efforts, showing their dominance in Test cricket and setting up an intriguing Ashes series that looks set to deliver plenty of excitement in 2018. The exciting match served as a testament to the spirit of cricket while providing us with another exciting test match experience.

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